Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs, which may help you take the right decisions for home appliance repair and maintenance services.

What all appliance repair services do we expertise in?

Here is a list of appliances that we provide repair service for:-

Window AC
Split AC or wall mount AC
Cassette AC and VRS
Commercial AC

Single door fridge
Double door fridge
Side by Side fridge
Deep freeze
Commercial Refrigerator

Semi washing Machine
Top load washing machine
Front load washing machine
Fully automatic washing machine

You will get 90 days service warranty (only on repaired or replaced part)

Yes, we provide repair services 24X7. Our technicians visit within 24 hours to the customer’s place.

We provide repair services in Borivali to Churchgate, Mumbai, Thane, and Lucknow.

  • We at Endservic treat our customers at priority. If your AC stops working at 2am or your refrigerator refuses to cool on a blistering May morning, we are right there to assist you!
  • We provide 24X7 services across Mumbai, Thane, and Lucknow. And not to forget our technicians are extremely skilled and quick. We thrive on providing quality, reliable, and durable home appliances repair and maintenance services to you!!

Here are Some of the warning signs to look for to know when your appliance needs to be replaced:

  • It is not able to start. That is, you can’t turn on the appliance.
  • It is not working properly or has become slow in its functions
  • Your utility bills are no more easy on your pockets! An appliance that is not properly working consumes a lot of electricity to keep working.

To get your appliance repaired, you should follow these simple steps:

  • Try to detect the problem with the appliance. It’s absolutely fine if you can’t trace the problem, because then what are technicians for?
  • Contact for help. Head to Endservic for 24X7 repair and maintenance services in Mumbai and Lucknow.
  • Tell us the time, or book a visit with us. Our team of experts will be there on the scheduled time at your doorstep
  • Sit and back and relax because you have now availed one of the best and the most sound repair and maintenance services

Yes, you will get warranty for the parts that have been displaced.

It’s good to have regular appointments for your ACmaintenance. However, ideally you should get your AC checked bi-annually. It’s best to have the heating system checked in the Fall and the air conditioning checked in the Spring.

Anytime you want, we are just a call away!

Clean AC filters every two weeks for a smooth functioning of your AC.

Contact refrigerator repair services. We at End service are just a call away! However, If it has totally been damaged, you can take it to a local landfill.

There can be a number of issues for the problem. Might be that thermostat or the refrigerant is low. There can also be glitch with the control boards.

For any assistance, just pick your phone and contact us for refrigerator repair services, we will be right there at your doorstep.

It is possible that you are using excess detergent than is required for the quantity of clothes you wash. Check the detergent usage instructions carefully before washing.

If you still face any problem, contact us for washing machine repair services.

Yes, they do. With regular maintenance, you can avoid washing machine breakdowns, repair the leaks, or any other damage that could be caused.

It is recommended to do a service wash once every 3 months.

There can be many issues of the problem. One can be a thermal fuse. While the other can be that the microwave has a faulty high voltage diode or magnetron, which are responsible for producing heat.

Whatever the issue, headstaright to Endservice. We will provide robust microwave repair services at your doorstep.