Top Ten AC Brands in India

Want an AC this summer, yet unable to decide which brand to go for? Looking for top 10 AC brands in India?

Well, the summers in India are characterized by scorching summer heat. Besides, there are unbearably high temperatures. Especially during the last decade due to climate change, summers in India have become far more sweltering. The temperatures have risen up to the range of about 48-50 degrees centigrade.


However, thanks to the air conditioners, which provide us relief and respite. The air conditioning of homes moderates the temperatures inside the house. This makes the surroundings cool and comfortable. Not only do ACs provide comfort but better quality of sleep, improved work performance, and less noise are the other advantages.


Therefore, this is no surprise that the market nowadays is full of myriad AC brands. So, it becomes pertinent to discuss the top 10 AC brands in India.


1. Voltas

Voltas is considered to be the best manufacturers of air conditioning systems in India and across the world. Also, Voltas is the sole supplier of ACs for the tallest building in the world-The Burj Khalifa. Some of its salient features are:


  1. Turbo cool mode with cross air flow vent which enables faster cooling in very less time.
  2. Filters with nano silver technology that cleanses the air of harmful bacteria, dust mites, and other impurities.
  3. Three, A dehumidifier that absorbs an excessive amount of moisture in the indoor air in case of high humidity.


2. Daikin


A Japanese global leader in providing AC’s for residential and commercial buildings with affordable quality assured high energy efficiency, compactness. Also, their air conditioners are multifunctional & can perform cooling and heating simultaneously.


3. Haier


A Chinese brand well known for its superior performance and longevity. Besides they are easy for installation (both window & wall) & the best feature is entry guard protection which prevents dust molecules from entering into AC.


4. Blue star


Especially suitable for the Indian climate the main features include precision cooling technology(setting temperatures up to decimals), integrated air purification technology(traps bacterias), voice operation technology(operable through voice commands), hot & cool converter technology(suitable for all seasons).


5. Lloyd


Rapid cooling technology ensures instant cooling and wireless access technology. This avoids the hassles of searching remotely. Use copper condenser for heat transfer & refrigerant flow.


6. LG


The Unique Himalayan cool technology makes you feel you are in the Himalayas. Enabled with wireless access these can be monitored from smartphones using the Smart ThinQ app.


7. Hitachi


The iSee and iSense technology help to sense the number of people and their locations and directs colling accordingly. If there is no movement during sleep there is an increase in thermostat temperature to 1 deg per hour for the night.


8. Mitsubishi


Initially developed for Japanese climatic conditions is upgraded to perform in all climates. Optimum, uniform cooling, minimum generation of noise. Known as most ‘Quiet’ AC.


9. Godrej

Affordable, smooth in functioning and performance these use iSee and iSense technology which detects the precise locations of persons within the room does localized cooling. The dry mode can extract excess humidity in sweaty weather.


10. O General


You can use this across commercial, residential, and industrial setups. it has an inbuilt heater can perform the dual function of heating and cooling and thus can be used throughout the year.


The top 10 AC brands in India are listed above for the customers to choose from easily. Hop to Endservic for any electric appliance repair services.

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